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Therapy for Back Pain

On the following page we will introduce you to our physiotherapy and the variety of therapies we offer at our practice to give you a detailed insight into our range of services. Physiotherapy offers diverse methods to treat functional disorders.

You can take advantage of the following treatment options offered in our practice:


Physiotherapy is a form of external application with which the movement and functionality of the human body is to be restored, improved or maintained.

High-Voltage Therapy

Since the driving force (electrical voltage) for the current is very high, a large depth effect is achieved. This effect can be increased by using a different (smaller) cathode (stimulation electrode). There is no danger of necrosis due to the extremely short current flow time and the negative counter-oscillator. 
Effect: pain-relieving, circulation-promoting, detonating


Iontophoresis is a medical procedure for the absorption of drugs through the skin using a weak electrical direct current. Typical applications are for patient-controlled treatment of acute pain where the drug is to penetrate into a joint.


The reactive hyperemia (increased blood circulation), activated in inflammatory and traumatic conditions, is effectively achieved by cryotherapy (=cold therapy, we use air cooled to - 30 degrees). From the patient's point of view, the spontaneous pain reduction is impressive. The increased blood circulation stimulates and supports the self-healing mechanisms of nature.

Cybex Training

The training follows the principle of "auto-stabilization" and enables a precise alignment to the individual resources of the trainee, because the intensity of the load is also oriented to the trainee's ability to stabilize himself. This is made possible by the special seat construction, which allows a completely different training position compared to conventional strength training equipment. The exercises are partly carried out half-standing - compared to conventional training, the metabolic activity is thus increased.

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