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Power Plate - muscle building training

Success in 20 minutes

Power-Plate, schonender Muskelaufbau, Unterst├╝tztes Training

With Power Plate we offer you a great opportunity for gentle muscle building, where results can already be seen after short period of time. Two applications per week can be sufficient to achieve quick results. Our medically qualified team will accompany you on this way with care and support you with the implementation of your personal training requirements.

POWER PLATE - What exactly is that?

Power Plate produces the individually desired effects through multidimensional acceleration by which up to 50 muscle reflexes per second can be generated. This means that almost all muscles in the body can be activated.

2 x 20 minutes of Power Plate training per week on a regular basis can help you achieve your training goals. This is an investment of time you can afford for your training program. Power Plate training is always supervised by our medical staff!

What are the effects of Power Plate?

Power-Plate, Muskelkraft, Beweglichkeit, Behandlung

Increase in muscle strength
With the Power Plate Training you can achieve approx. 97% of all muscle fibers in all muscle groups and thus increase the maximum strength and strength endurance significantly.

Improved mobility
A variety of external and internal receptors of the body are stimulated by Power Plate applications. They not only improve your posture, but also your coordination and mobility.

Metabolism stimulation
The Power Plate accelerations stimulate the metabolism and thus increase the basal metabolic rate.

Osteoporosis treatment
Increase of bone density.

Disc prolapse
Stabilization of the surrounding musculature and nutrition of the cartilage

Arthrosis treatment
Promotes blood circulation and nutrition of the cartilage

Increases blood circulation and promotes the removal of pain-inducing substances

To help you achieve your training goals with Power Plate, you will be supported by our certified medical staff.

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