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Muscle Function Diagnostics

Diseases of the musculature cannot be visualized by imaging-procedures such as X-ray or MRI, so that an alternative examination method must be used to measure muscular changes. In muscle function diagnostics, also known as surface EMG, electrodes are attached to the skin to record the electrical potentials of the muscles (e.g. shoulder and neck tension, back pain, etc.).

First the resting tone of the musculature is measured, then the tone of the maximum tension. Disbalances or tensions appear, as does the performance of the muscles in a lateral comparison (e.g. right and left thigh muscles).

If there are particular complaints during repetitive movements - for example when lifting heavy objects (roofers and similar occupational groups are more frequently affected by this) - an appropriate measurement of the muscle groups can be valuable for the following treatment measures such as physiotherapy or massages.

By performing the muscle function test, the physician receives important information about untrained or tense muscle regions.

Muskelfunktionsdiagnostik, Elektroden, Muskelfunktionstest

The CYBEX isokinetic training system offers the possibility of measuring muscle strength directly. This also allows the training success to be monitored and tracked.

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