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Radio Diagnostics

Even today, X-rays are still important to assess the fine bone structure as a supplement to other diagnostic methods. X-rays are also a useful addition to magnetic resonance imaging for specific questions, such as whether there is a calcium deposit in the shoulder joint.

Of course, radiation exposure can be minimized by various measures and is normally relatively low with these images.‚Ä®

Calcium depot in a shoulder joint

Roentgenaufnahme, Kalkdepot in einem Schultergelenk

This x-ray of a right shoulder joint shows a large oval calcium deposit approximately in the middle of the image. For the detection of such calcifications, the X-ray examination is sometimes better suited than a magnetic resonance tomography.

Cervical spine - overview photo

Roentgendiagnostik, Haslwirbels√§ule, degenerative Ver√§nderung der Bandscheibe zwischen dem f√ľnften und sechsten Halswirbelk√∂rper

This lateral x-ray of a cervical spine shows a degenerative change of the intervertebral disc between the 5th and 6th cervical vertebral body.

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