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EMG - Diagnostics

The surface EMG system SinfoMedEMG is a high-quality diagnostic instrument for the diagnosis of the musculature in the static and dynamic range.
Meaningful printouts not only enable a quick situation analysis and follow-up, but also show effective therapy options.

The system facilitates the illustration of the symptoms. Patients learn to actively influence their muscular situation via visual feedback on the screen (biofeedback). With the help of biofeedback, SinfoMed also offers the opportunity to learn and train the tension and relaxation of specific muscle groups, thus reducing discomfort.

The software enables painless diagnostic sequences that make muscular tension and imbalances visible through resting tone measurements. In addition, isometric and dynamic measurements allow an assessment of the muscular contraction and relaxation ability and draw attention to functional limitations. In addition, frequency analysis can be used to determine the resistance of the musculature to fatigue.

This is an absolutely painless measuring procedure.

Indications in which the EMG surface is used:

  • Tension headaches
  • Cervical dysfunction
  • Back pain
  • Muscle atrophy e.g. after surgery, knee injury etc.


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